Sunday, April 25, 2010

"The devil finds work for idle hands"

My granny always said that. It's a popular idiom in Jamaica. Being busy is the work of the progressive. Being idle is the work of ...well... idlers.

I feel like my mind is one big idler's paradise right about now. I am so dying for a brain challenge. Stimulation. I can feel it. I can smell it. A job is around the corner. Somewhere. It's beginning to feel like the proverbial "just around the corner" countryman's reply for directions for a destination that's no less than halfway to forever away.

I am working out and looking around for cheap places to buy smart work clothes when the time so demands. I already got one pair of work shoes and will get another in a little while. It makes more sense to start building my work wardrobe in small steps and be prepared for my first job. It takes a lot of pieces to fill up the first 30 days of work and I have only 5 suits here (which do not fit).

I have discovered that clothes are not as expensive here as I thought. In fact, it is quite easy to look very smart for less- you just can't look for the same western labels. I need to look the part without paying the price. These are discoveries you make after living somewhere for a while though. I could stand to lose one or two dress sizes before making certain purchases though.

I also toned down the colour in my hair and have been maintaining it at a very presentable level consistently. It takes at least 4 hours for me to groom my hair after washing and a half day to dry so it makes sense to be as ready to go as possible, just in case I get called in on short notice.

I have overhauled the way I apply to jobs, sending out tailored cover letters with each application, and researching each company first. I haven't been applying anymore to third party recruiters acting on behalf of "Our client, a communication firm of high repute," etc.

In the meantime, I need to clean up the weekend mess in our studio, pay some bills, run to the mall, and do my weights circuit workout.


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