Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pain free breath- what happens when you stop smoking

Today is Wednesday, the day before Thursday. Thursday will be two weeks since I decided to stop using cigarettes as a crutch and to quit so I could open up my lungs and really get fit.

Last night ESC and I did 50 mins of kickboxing. I wore weighted gloves weighing 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) each. I could breathe! There was no tightening in my chest, no feeling winded, no lactic acid build up!!! I did however feel tight in my injury free knee so i didn't push it to the max as I could have done (breath and stamina-wise) for the first time in years. It felt good. Really good.

I feel like I have accomplished something exceptional. I guess I am that kind of girl :) Yes it has been a damn struggle but I rose to the challenge and have been facing it head on. These are the moments in movies and plays that makes all of us find hope in our own struggles. It's catharsis in the making; the introduction of the elements of victory over the impossible: "Life, meet Struggle. Struggle, meet Courage. Courage, meet Commitment. Commitment, meet Hope. Get very acquainted."


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the two weeks of being smoke free!

I haven't met ESC yet, but from what you tell us about him I must say he sounds like a keeper!

The man is a hard worker and is good at what he does. He communicates well - affirmative stuff and even the messages that might be tough to deliver sometimes. Rather than getting into a shouting match he walks away, clears his head then comes back home and most of all...he shows he loves his woman and is always SUPPORTIVE! You've got a head start on a whole bunch of people girlfriend.

Like you said Kari...we have to learn to enjoy the present. You are in transition at the moment and I know it must be rough at times. We are all guilty of wanting more; of looking at the glass as half empty rather than half full. We need to stop that and live in the moment.

Take this time to APPRECIATE who you are. Remember what you have accomplished and all the gifts you have been blessed with. You gotta find that peace within YOURSELF girl before you can let go of that restlessness you haven't been able to shake for a while. Only then you'll be bringing your A++ game to this new union and the next job.
Oh yes, the job will happen. God just getting you ready!


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