Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Birthday ESC

I am an unconventional woman, so I do unconventional things. For his BDay, I bought ESC a URL. He was deeply moved. It was a testimony to the fact that I believe in him and his career aspirations. It couldn't have come at a better time he said... he faced some drama at work yesterday and it was good to come home to such love and support.

I dolled up too... I thought... "What would Marilyn do?"

Remember that racy outfit I bought as a STEAL on sale? Yes hon, that same hot number.

Heels and fishnets to boot. And the shoes. God bless my sprained toe. And the right makeup and fragrance.

He cooked me the best salmon I have ever had (crispy on the outside and melting on the inside).

I needed a strong shot to come out of the bathroom in that getup so he poured me one.

I came out and sang a la marilyn...

We ate.

I put on Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass' "Love Potion #9 and did a dance... and removed my robe.

We hugged. And kissed.

He did some work at the desk. I helped him (Imelda would be happy to hear that her dawta suggesting soup recipe for upso stayso restaurant).

He showered.

We hugged. We prayed. He said "Thank You a million times.

We went to sleep.

PS>>>>>ESC is a bigger man than me. As tempted as he was (and beliiiiiiiiiiiiieve me he was), he was very faithful to the chastity. But there was actual something sweet (though mildly frustrating about getting so dolled up and then retreating to bed with just tight hugs)... If ever I doubted just how spiritual and respectful this man was, I can't now. Today is the actual BDay but since he comes in after midnight, we had to celibrate it at the beginning, rather than at the end.


Celia said...

Kari Alana, you are something else lolol.

Will the pics of the 'get up' be posted on Flixter???? LOLOLOLOL jus kidding.

Azikiwe said...

...i am afraid i am little bit too "Western" to handle this ...;-)

yaadgyrl in philly said...

I love you guys! And love that you both are so in love with each other and even more in love with HIM. You're both AMAZING! Oct 14th cannot come soon enough. I wish I could be there to witness but eagerly anticipate the re-telling. I know you'll be able to describe it so vividly that I'll be able to feel like I was there. All the best to you Christian soldiers. Much love from ur fav yaadgyrl in Philly :-)

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