Monday, October 05, 2009

Even Me Lord- My Open Prayer

Father, I am humbled that You have called me by Your spirit and have given me new life through You.

I have sinned and fallen short of Your glory.

I pray dear Lord that I will walk in Your light and the light that You shine through me will be a testimony of Your power, grace and peace.

I pray dear Lord that You will bless everyone I meet and allow me to be a vessel for Your glory.

I pray Dear Lord to be broken and contrite before You, so that Your power may be truly manifested in my life.

I ask for Your continued guidance and for the company of Your Holy Spirit throughout my days and nights. I pray dear Lord that You will use me as a witness to the man You have put in my life and that our union may be pure and holy in Your sight. I ask that Your love will be ours and that we will call upon You in good times and bad as the author and finisher of our faith.

Father, I thank You for providing all that I need, for being to source from whence cometh my help.

I pray dear Lord that You will direct every path and that my steps will continue to be ordered by Your will.

Father I submit all my desires to You and pray that You will grant me those desires that are in accordance with Your will. You have promised that no good thing will You withold from me, so I thank You for giving me all that I truly need.

Father, I pray that I will continue to growth in faith as I grow in age... leaning on Your everlasting arms.

I thank You for my blessings which are too numerous to count and are still new every morning.

Jesus, I thank You for salvation, for Your blood that sets me free from captivity and for Your spirit that guides me back to Your rock when I falter.

I pray dear Lord that You will always make me humble before You and before man, knowing that my life, though mine, is not my own.

I pray dear Lord for the fruits of Your spirit to continue to manifest in my life.

Lord, I thank You for listening to even me.

Through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour, Amen.


Celia said...

This is beautiful...

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