Monday, June 30, 2008

Visitations and Salutations

I have to say that I am THRILLED to be having visitors as of the end of July.

I have two persons confirmed for August (Imelda and Easy Skanking Chef) and another (Black Panther) is to confirm whether he can make it for the last week in July.

Of course I am counting the days in anticipation. My apartment will feel like home and not like confinement!

I called Miss Aria last night but she was too busy playing dress up with her friends to say much too me. She didn't even call me "Aunty". I dont know who tell dat fresh likkle pickney seh me and her is size! Would be wonderful if she could come visit me for the holidays!

I went to the beach yesterday with my neighbour. It's becoming a Sunday ritual. Got me a nice little tan.

U know, one thing I really like about myself is that I always wear a sexy bikini, no matter what shape my body is in. Then again, why should that be a surprise, after all I had bikinis before I could walk and was only forced into one-pieces by daddy at the first sign of breasts in puberty.

Of course, when I turned 18 and was free from the clutches of my over-protective daddy and crazy fundamentalism, I got the brightest itsy bitsy yellowish-neon-green string bikini, and have been adding to that collection ever since.

The beaches here are perfect. Absolutely perfect. It's definitely paradise reloaded. And the best part? There are beaches for miles so you can have lots of privacy.

I know its only Monday, but i cant wait to head back to the beach on Sunday. Who knows, I may take a mid-week trip! After all, its just 3 mins drive from my apt.


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