Monday, June 30, 2008

Poppy Show

After mi dress up to puss back foot (blue yeye shadow and all) for a scheduled meeting with my boss to discuss the role of communication in the organisation, leadership and transformation, I learn her has left for a mtg on another island.

Vex is not the word.

This is the last suit that I hadnt worn before and deliberately wore it to make an impression. It was a part of the artillery because image matters and it sets the perfect tone for the discussion about communication having a seat at the upper management table.


All things work together for good.

Praise be to Jah Jah.


K. Andrew said...

I share your pain with this one 'cause I can just imagine good you looked ...

Girl On Top said...

You see it???1?1?!

Still vex.

But me did well nice still.. nah lie.


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