Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Careless & Wutliss (Cable & Wireless) FINALLY delivers

It took an irate message on the voicemail of the Customer Service Manager, on Day 18, four days after the guaranteed service delivery date. Must a Jamaican be reduced to curt messages even after paying 500USD to get some notice around here? Good thing for her, she returned my call just before i was ready to click send on my even more curt and damming email (you know how i get when I write).

I came home to phone line and adsl and thy didnt even have to enter the house. Imagine that.

Dont even go there. Yes that coukd have done that from Day 17. Its careless and wutliss we're talking about here.

So I had a bad day.

I just got frustrated with the back-a-wall approah to business in this place. I cannot believe anywhere is actually worse than Jamaica, except of course Guyana (scream Guyanese readers-but u know its true).

I was forced to open a bottle of Merlot when I came home. Yes forced. Duress, is my legal defence.

But what would you expect after another frustrating day without a permanent office, work email address, and on top of it, explaining myself five times to at least four persons at the cable office because the first person I made my complaint took my call twice.

Got a call from Imelda#2 today. She is coming to visit in August. Counting the days! Yaay!

Kudos to Digicel for having a flat rate across the Caribbean. I love those guys!

SO that was my day- in a nutshell.

I am better now... blogging, watching the game and chatting online.

May all bad days end this good.


Bodhisattva Harlem Mama said...

I'm just happy your getting wired again. Seeing you online is refreshing. Now I'm starting to rethink my desire to move to a half deserted island and escape city life. I'm just too plugged in to quit now. and 500 bucks!! @$@#$@ what the #$&U*$$$?!!! But trust, I'll be visiting one of these days. I'm so happy YOU moved there so I can do just that. Visit. hehehehe. Speaking of...u must visit me one day.

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