Monday, June 02, 2008

New Place, New Job, New Country

At long last, I am online.

Albeit only for today.

I cooked up a storm yesterday.

Pan seared salmon with freshly cracked black pepper, sea salt and crushed garlic, basmati rice, string beans and carrots steamed in buttaah, and fried okra. I served dinner on cheap hard plastic plates from target and a nice bottle of sauvignon blanc in plastic cups.

I invited my neighbour for dinner. She also happens to be a cool, locked sista who drinks and dont mind me smoking.

Praise God for journeying mercies.

Anyway, I am in the office today. A piece a tyad a lick me. I wish I had taken a nap yesterday, especially since I have not been able to sleep two nights in a row.

Long story.

Looking forward to lunch cause mi hungry no blerkcleet! Mi go tek show off and only had cereal fi breakfast and a dead right yah now. I acccidentally left my lunch at home.

Didnt even walk with a fruit or yogurt!

I need a lunch bag anyway.

Spent the weekend cleaning, washing and cooking so I had no time for the beach :(

Later for now!


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