Monday, December 04, 2006

Full Circle

Is there a law that says that all things come back to the point at which they started?

Its weird how life is.

Its funny how things are... the people you never gave a second look are those you end up with, the friends you thought true turn out to be your enemies, and the people you loved dont love you quite as much and vice versa.

Black and white demarkations are now grey.

The sins you thought unforgivable are petty grievances, the people you thought you could do without, are now pillars (think post pubescent independence from the clutches of the parents).

But things come full circle because all the wise musings of my dear Ma have turned out to be true:

"Its not who you love, but who love you"
"It's not who you know, but who know you."
"Don't burn your bridges behind you."
"You have to kiss ass before you can kick ass."
"Love them that hate you and do good to them that despise you."
"Chicken merry, hawk deh near"
"Deaf ears give liad trouble"
"Bush have eye and wall have ears"
"Cockroach nuh business inna fowl fight"
"Sometime yuh right hand nuffi know what you left hand doing"
"Every hoe have him stick a bush"
"When monkey want to wear trousers, him must know where to put him tail"
"You fi know how water travel go pumpkin belly"

and perhaps the most simple but profound:

"Blood thicker than water"

It makes no sense to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough problems of its own. Life somehow takes care of itself. Wounds heal, people grow, people change. Everyday is precious. We are part of a continuum... once we are here, we will always be here... at least in the hearts of those we leave behind.


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