Saturday, November 11, 2006

Unbridled Decadence

I am sitting on my all too comfy bed, in low light from the 15bulb in the bathroom, having a smoke,drinking a large glass of shiraz, wearing nothing but a head scarf and a victoria's secret bra and listening to the sultry music of my dear Nina Simone. Life is beautiful.

It has been an unapologetic lazy day. Must have those from time to time. The only interruption came in the form of a trip to the supermarket. Had to pay by cheque becuase the forgetful one leaves her purse in the office yet again. Saved me a trip to the green grocers because I am sure those cocky arses would scoff at the plebian name on my personal cheques.

Had left over Island grill for breakfast (all of about 1/2 cup of chicken and two bites of festival. Had an equally delightfully lazy dinner of mutligrain crixx, reduced fat peanut butter, applesauce, and horribly-tasting cherry cranberry juice (some experiments should never make it to the supermarket shelf). Serves me right though.. how could that combination be palatable?

I am heading to the South Coast in the morning and so I have put off all domestic duties for a mad early morning rush..but maybe i should at least wash a load tonight so I will have something to wear if somehow I wake up to a powercut.

In moments like these, I revel in my single childless state coupled with a carefree pubescent mentality, perfectly happy to be lazy and messy. I want no part of visitors tonight. I am perfectly swooned in my own mess.

I will grow up tomorrow.


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