Sunday, November 05, 2006


This blog was never meant as a public spot for private misgivings but somehow, art has a way of being open to interpretation.

I will be emceeing my first show in a long while this evening. It will be the largest audience by far and it will also be televised. Needless to say, I am a wee bit nervy but it should be great fun.

I picked out my wardrobe last night and needless to say, I am very excited about the outfits! Did my nails and my mama and sister tightened my young locks. Woke up feeling bloated -perhaps due to three too many bailey's last night at a chic singles games night hosted in the city.

I was pleased to find the hostess splendidly decked in the lovely bronze via spiga strappy heels I sold her some time ago.

Maybe I really shouldn't give up on the shoe biz just yet!

Speaking of which, I wore the beaded nicole miller sandals for the very first time last night, accentuated with perfectly french pedicured feet. Felt like an effortless beauty.

Will be unleashing the patent baby phat ribboned stiletto pumps on stage tonigt. That should be quite an event!

Will also be brandishing the snake skin BCBG open side pumps... better put a lock on my suitcase cause I cannot afford to lose any of my prized possessions.

So I am clearly another shoe freak, patiently collecting my way to the Imelda Club. Admittedly addicted to designer shoes... lots of women love shoes but not all are label snobs. Studies have shown that women in their twenties spend more on shoes, clothes and jewellry than any other age group. I spend handsomely on shoes and designer suits and I have an ecclectic artsy taste in accessories (brands dont matter there, just style).

I like and appreciate nice things and make no apology for that. I work hard and I spend my money on things worth having and keeping.

I believe that combining a blue pin stripe shirt with a black pin strip tailored bottom is a work of art. I am alone in that sentiment but I give not a damn.

My style reflects my inner rebel, the mad creative who insists on marching to her own beat. I know all the rules, and I know how to bend them. Call me weird , eccentric, funky, stylish, diva, whatever... my style is me!


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