Monday, October 30, 2006

Tempered Passion

One of the greatest difficulties of being born a Leo is the intense passion which tends to consume me in matters of the heart. When you love, you love deeply and because of the intensity, when it hurts, it hurts like a muthafricker. Imagine what happens when two Leos combine those mad forces.

So I am really trying to slow mi roll, After all, I rolling stone gathers no moss.

There isn't a time limit to love but there seems to be some way to avoid heartbreak by taking things slowly. But how does one slow down a fast moving brakeless train that has already gathered momentum unless by by derailing it?

And if you derail a train and get it to stop, would you not have lost key parts in the mangled remains? And what about the safety of the passengers.

In this euphoria of something new and totally wonderful, I just feel like the best thing is to let passion go. Reason should have exerted itself before this point.


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