Monday, December 04, 2006

My Brother, The Stripper

Consider this payback for a lifetime of teenage pranks practiced on me...but my brother, who parades as an executive in the Caribbean's largest mobile phone company, is an undercover stripper.

He does shows twice yearly to aging fat women who pay him hundreds (USD) just to see a young man butt nekkid. You see these poor women are so desperate that they have to resort to paid duties to get their groove on. Rumour has it that he doles out twice as much free credit to encourage attendance.

I hear the costume consists of an assortment of sequined thongs with matching bow ties and the routine begins with him prancing around a pole to Rod Stewart's "If You Think I am Sexy."

Here's a close up of him... go figure

A fat aging woman and her money are soon parted! Ladies, BEWARE!


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