Monday, December 04, 2006

Tropical Displacement

Have you ever watched the epic period pieces based in the time of slavery in the tropics and wondered how the hell they wore so much clothes in the sweltering heat? Or why the stupid royal guards wore tights and wigs in a climate fit for semi nudity?

Well fast forward to present day corporate Jamaica, and I have to ask why the hell is it that we allow the practices of people who live in colder climes to affect what we consider "appropriate attire" for work?

How the hell does a lined business suit compute to 90 degree sweltering heat?

And how the hell does the concept of pantyhose survive unless there is a burgeoning desire to create the perfect conditions for the growth of yeast in the nether-regions. Yes... its gross...just tell it to those people who make those rules at countless offices across the island.

As far as I am concerned, breatheable fabric (linen and cotton) should be the mainstay of everyone's wardrobe, the suits saved for weddings and funerals during our Caribbean version of winter (which in essence is two months of mild cold fronts moving in and out of the area).

By far the most ludicrous is that one cannot wear their hair in braids, locks, or cane/corn rows. (North America plant corn, we plant cane). I mean where have we descended to when one has to seek permission to wear her hair a certain way or worse yet, to have it ruled out, by way of written company policy?

As far as I am concerned, there is no greater injustice that the prevalence of rows and rows of long weaves of fake hair on the heads of women who have come to believe that what they got aint beautiful enough. A word to the wise, work with what you've got... uniqueness is a grand thing!

Di whole a we cyaan be coolie!


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