Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One Year In Hell

It's official.

Today makes one year since I have been in the same job. I mean the same 9-5, one client only, office politics all the way to Mount Everest, is it Friday yet, job!

The thing is that it has by FAR been the most difficult appointment of my life. I mean there wasnt even so much politics when I worked for the government.

Anyway, its kinda scary. It means I am settling down and growing up all at once and I am not entirely convinced that is such a good thing. I am making more practical decisions, being less rash, less spontaneous, and it seems that in some ways, I am stifling the carefree spirit that I have come to know as me.

I am changing right before my own eyes (still refuse to wear pantyhose though).

Can somebody hand me a camera, a pair of dirty sneakers, some torn up jeans and a car? I need to bust loose from this corporate captivity!


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