Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A spank on the butt and a pat on the back

I have been self sabotaging myself. No I am not being mean to myself, I am being real.

So what is "self-sabotaging?"

It is the deliberate attempt to undermine one's own success, knowingly or unknowingly.

Last night I had a burger after having a very clean day, eating a wide array of nutrient filled foods. However, I missed a meal and therein started the problem.

I missed lunch. So after having dinner at a friend's (and even making my own cauliflower rice instead of eating the white rice that was supplied with meal), I had to pick up ESC at 1:00am. I didn't realize I was hungry while I was at home, but got very hungry while we were driving back. The hunger descended fast and furiously and I just had to eat. He suggested that I have burger king without the buns. That made me want the buns even more. I had a huge burger along with diet soda. I did not order the fries.

Essentially, I am eating a lot of salads and staying away from grains for now, so technically, I could have bought one of the salads that they offered. But the issue is that when I get very ravenous, my mind already has a picture of what it takes to fill me up. Clearly, that picture needs to be replaced. When I am not famished, I make better food choices and can say no to things that I know will not do my body any good.

Now that I have written it down and made a confession, I pat myself on the back for having the courage to break away from bad habits.

I remember a time 10 years ago when I didn't eat fast food and I worked out 3-4 days weekly in the gym. I had lost my taste for fast food and ate pretty well. Then my ex took me to McDonald's for breakfast when I visited him in NY (so lame - I should have walked away then) and the past 10 years have since been a roller coaster. I am not blaming anybody else but me... I am just recounting my history.

Since then, fast junk food and fries have come to be comfort foods intead of the healthy alternatives I had before. This can no longer be the case.

I refuse to be my own enemy. I will be my best friend. I will replace bad habits with good and remove unhealthy crutches from my life for good.

I would also like to note that I worked out 4x this week my first week back in the saddle and I will work up to 5x weekly by next week.


  • When I am famished, I will now seek a salad first.
  • I will only use fast food joints when absolutely necessary and I will only order salads and grilled foods.
  • I will get better at taking my health and fitness in my hands and building the intestinal fortitude to select healthy choices even when I feel stressed (like holding out until I reach home).
  • I am replacing my comfort food image with that of a salad. I feel better after eating a salad. My conscience is free after eating a salad. I will walk around with a sachet of a healthy vinaigrette that I like at all times so that I can enjoy even a fast food salad without their unhealthy dressings.
  • I will make lunch before I leave the house even if expect to be home before lunchtime.
  • I will keep my house stacked with half prepped whole foods (like cooked seafood and meat to toss into a salad).
  • I will eat on time, every time, no matter what.
  • I will approach eating with the same discipline I would if my doctor had given me strict warnings of an impending life-threatening ailment.
  • I deserve better.
  • I come first.
  • I will I will get better at this and I will reach my goals.


Anonymous said...

Woman, EVERYBODY falls off the wagon now and then and that's why I can so relate to this post. The point is not to knock yourself too hard or fall into a pattern. Just pick up and get on with it.

You know what are two of my fave comfort foods? Cheetos and round bun and cheese (cheddar). Now do they sound like healthy, wholesome choices? Er, not. But it's all about portion control so rather than doing without totally, I have been eating my one bag of Cheetos now for about 5 days a little at a time. Plus as I know I am weak where it is concerned, I don't buy it often.

The other must is sticking to a regular exercise routine. Yes, there are days you just won't feel like it, I know and that's okay. Just remember to make lifestyle changes. Small changes like always taking the stairs instead of the elevator make such a difference!

One other piece of advice if I may, salads are great but don't con yourself into thinking they will always fill the spot, ok. When I am famished, I know for sure that I need me some PROTEIN. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ditto L-A!
Good to know you/we have company. My 'trick' is to convince maself for 29 days of the month that I'm allergic to 90% of the 'bad stuff'. But then allow myself a treat on day 30. That way I get to have my cake and eat it. Being so absolute is a recipe for failure.


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