Thursday, May 19, 2011

My first grey hair

This morning, sometime after midnight, I found my first grey hair. When ESC came home, I said "Honey, look why I think I have been in a funk!"

He almost slipped in the shower from laughing so hard.

His head is littered with greys. He found his first when he was 20.

I told him that if I found mine at 20, I would have just brushed it aside as premature. At 30, it is the real deal.

Ba humbug!

Now I definitely feel like not colouring my hair in honour of the bit of wisdom I have coming out in greys!

Maybe it is time for a new look altogether.

I am feeling like I need some drastic change.


Anonymous said...

It's confirmed! You're wiser than me lol :-)

Anonymous said...

So pray tell what will happen when the greys appear in places that the dye can't work it's magic?? LOL


Anonymous said...

L-A - Brazilian??!!

I had to laugh at this one because I actually took a picture of mine that placed ITself at the hairline of my forehead LOLOL

Sheer Almshouse said...

Today I found a second one.. and both on the front hairline! Whoa... this is really heavy.

Sheer Almshouse said...

I am with you on the Brazilian bit... even though I have no wish to cover greys on head now, I have no desire to visibly age THERE!

Azikiwe said...

...this is just a quality of Distinction ! ...still damn sexy! time look at Paula Anne Porter's locks on her FB ;-)

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