Saturday, September 05, 2009

Pressure ease up

ESC and I had a nice long talk last night. Oh the difference one conversation makes. Yes him call me for what is likely to be our last conversation until we meet.

Helped to put things into perspective.

Or maybe it was just the reality of sex on the horizon. I can honestly understand why doctors in the middle ages treated "hysteria" with orgasms. Nothing more unstable and miserable than a woman who aint getting none. Well... OK I may be speaking for myself :)

Apparently my visa has come through. Haven't seen it yet though. I suppose I will see it on Sunday when he goes back to work (and has email access).

I need to get myself in the framework of a Fri and Sat weekend and Sunday being the beginning of the work week.

BTW, in a totally unrelated topic, I am officially, painfully lactose intolerant. Gotta run!


Azikiwe said...

...throw punches...keep your guards up !

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