Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The preparation of the bride

Nothing could stop me, not even fatigue. I had only come in at 6 in the morning after hours of shooting a major reggae concert in Queens (Irie Jamboree) and then going to a Guyanese Soca fete in Brooklyn to ensure the greasing up of waistline that had become stiff due to lack of use. I was too tired to go on Eastern Parkway to shoot the traditional West Indian Labour Day carnival parade, but nothing, I repeat nothing could stop me from going to grab a few things on Labour Day sale that would have otherwise been out of my reach.

I knew what I needed to get. After not seeing your man for nine months, what would you get? Damn right!

First stop: Fredericks of Hollywood. Second: Victoria's Secret. Getting Negliglee for $9 and a full buster/garter set for under $30 sounds as sweet a treat to me as Imelda's famous fruit cake.

I have always admired the bustier sets but thought them a lil to raunchy for my taste, but how could I turn them down at that price? These things sell for much more on a regular day. Since I was already in the territory, I picked up fishnet stockings with the seam in the back...hey... when monkey waan wear trousers, himhave to know where to put him tail. To top it off, I discovered a closing sale at Aldo's in Manhattan to complete the get up. Put it this way, when my friend Johnathan Ambrose saw them in my shopping bag he declares "Whoa..those are some serious CFM shoes!" I smiled. That's the point isn't it?

I got sweet smelling things for cheap at Bath and Body down to a nice pillow mist.

I am taking my small dutchpot (dutch oven) and a bag of Jamaican seasoning, down to pimento from my daddy's farm. Yes, I covering all bases.

This reminds me of the naughty boys in my high school class who used to go around proclaiming the 3 or 4 Fs of getting girls:

1. Find them
2. Friend them
3. F them

and for the disgusting ones:
4. Forget them

There is certainly no forgetting on ESC's part with all the things I have planned. Point is, as much as there are still LOTS of uncertainties and challenges ahead of us, we might as spend the meantime doing meaningful things.

So I will modify that old F thing from the perspective of a woman in a relationship:

1. Feed him
2. F him
3. Fall into blissful slumber

Mehod: Do steps 1-3. Bathe and repeat everyday and twice on Saturdays.

Until then, I am going to get back to packing. I leave NY tomorrow. Next stop, Dubai.


Azikiwe said...

..well if the fishnet( with seam in the back) & CFM shoes is not a hit, then you need to get on the next trans-atlantic flight...

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