Saturday, September 26, 2009

The morning after the night before

Thank you all for all the love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't ever do mush here but thought I would post that pic for you ;)

After a late morning, vigorous frolicking, shopping, chatting, planning and a 2hour grocery spree... I am exhausted. It's past midnight and Mr. Mention has gone biking to return to cook. We are having a friend over. This is a city that truly never sleeps :)

I realise that housework has got to be done everyday. Don't ask me how come I have just made that discovery at 29 years of age. Living with no man for all but one of my adult years meant that domestic duties would be done when the mood hit or when company was expected. Sharing a small space with someone means that there are things that must be done everyday. He helps, but due to his really awful hours, I try to leave very little up to him. But there are things that are assigned to him, off course. This is the 21st century, not the middle ages. I do not do floors and I do not do toilets. I will sweep floors and disinfect toilets but bowl cleaning is not my cup of tea. He is also the designated "ironer." He takes out the trash but that is just an unspoken agreement. I do everything else and then on top of that, look pretty.

But I do fancy taking care of him. And I am trying to balance taking care of me in the process. The funny thing is that where I slack off on the latter, he intervenes. Kari is not drinking enough water in the desert- Kari's water is always poured. Kari wont make salads but needs to eat greens until a juicer can be bought- Kari's salads are made. Kari didn't feel like cooking dinner only for herself so hasn't eaten- Kari's dinner is cooked at 1am. Don't worry, I usually don't get into bed before 4.

We went grocery shopping together this evening. I must admit that it is one of the simple pleasures of finally being with ESC long term. He knows what fish is fresh and to grab the fruits from the back... that frees me up to do other things. Plus, there is nothing nicer than having a manly man to carry the bags. Of course I offer to take the lighter ones.

We wanted to go to a movie but decided on two bottles of wine instead. We are down to a very strict budget. We went heavy on the grocery shopping because it will be the last big shopping for the next two months. The only things we will get from here on are fruits and veggies and the odd ingredient for a particular recipe. We do have a wedding-though modest-to save for.

There are so many costs associated with my arrival from everything like internet and new mobile service to getting cotton wool and alcohol. Don't men need alcohol and cotton wool? In addition to that, there is the fact that we needed to pay hefty fees for the wedding ceremony and the registration of the marriage. We also have to budget for the filing of my spousal visa thereafter. So yes, money tight- very. But our cupboards and hearts are full.

I got new running shoes tonight and proper walking slippers. Imelda, I settled for a muted bronzish metallic Birkenstock. I walk to the mall a lot and I needed sensible sandals instead of pretty(which is all I previously owned). I also got new cushioned running shoes because I need to get back to working out and they were RIDICULOUSLY cheap. Roughly USD$35. But that is the only steal I have found because things are REALLY expensive here. Azikiwe, I finally got New Balance... and you were right.. all of these years. Can't believe it took me 10 years to even try one on! No they are not as cute as my previous fave Adidas Adiprene but they are absolutely fantastic for comfort! Am I learning a lesson here?

Anyway.. I might as well be comfortable for now because you damn sure I wearing heels on my wedding day. Speaking of which... let me jump off and start my event spreadsheet. It may be small but the event planner in me just cant leave it up to chance.


L-A said...

When you settle in some more and get a job you have to make your way down to Karama (Dubai's hood) and get the best fake handbags that side of the equator. Two people I know there swear by it. Fendi one day, Prada the next!

Azikiwe said...

New Balance !...yeHHHHH ! It feel so good to make positive impact on someone's life so cry ;-) (sniff)

Sheer Almshouse said...

La.. I know about Karama... we are going this weekend but on a mission. No retail therapy for me for a while. Not even in the city of genuine fakes.

Azi... I fell asleep in the trainers yesterday. I kknow. Feel good- good advice.

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