Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

You are why you are here.

You were brought here to play a significant role in God's plan. You are part of the whole, a lead actor in the live production called "Life."

Be who were called to be. Make no aplogies for being different. Dance to your own beat, and follow your own path. Make it through the forest if you have to. Just wear long sleeves, thick pants and good boots.

Life is for the living.

Dont spend each day as if you were already dead. Live in the moment. The past is the past, forgive your mistakes and move on as quickly as possible to the enlightenment that comes from hard lessons learned.

Celebrate the bad and the good. Heartache and disappointments teach us so much about ourselves and others and prepares us for greater glory.

This year, like every other, will be what you make it.

Spend time doing what you love and being grateful for the smal mercies, and when you get overwhelmed, scream or holler if you feel like.

"Laugh all of your laughter and weep all of your tears."

You are blessed and highly favoured... damn well act like it!

Happy New Year!!!!


Azikiwe said...

…oh ! I wondered what happened to you,then i remembered what "interfered" with your blogging the last time … :-))

Happy New Year, chocolate Empress, may full joy find you alwayz...

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