Friday, May 02, 2008

A Likkle Overwhelming

Note to self: spring clean at least twice a year and stop collecting RUBBISH!

I have in my possession every trade presenter I ever liked and for what reason? To get ideas. Dont mention bank statements and cheques going back 6 years!

I dont finish packing. I am still caught up in the paper, book packing phase.

I have books I dont even want because I was brought up to revere books next to God and brotherly love.

Ahhh bwoy.

As soon as I complete the books, I will start on the CDs and DVDs. I have made a decision to dump every CD case other than those of Ella, Nina, Miles, Coltrane, Etta and Billie. Maybe I still have a little pack rat in me. I rationalize by convincing myself that they are classics.

After, that, its the clothing section.

My best friend has convinced me to part with some of the suits. I will concede, but refuse to let of the high end desiger ones. Am I being materialistic?

I gave away a cute BCBG MaxAzria flats and I have been wanting them back even though I dont think I have worn them times in three years.

I have to move out this weekend, even though my things are not sold.

At this point, I think I am going to go craaazy!

I have a short term contract beginning on Monday which prevents me from spending the week in Montego Bay as previously planned, and although I feel like sneaking away even for one day, I no longer have a car to take me there.


I also have to find a place to stay in Kingston while I work on this project.

In the meantime, I am going to plan the best route to my bed. It now takes a fair bit of logistics to step more than 12 inches in every direction.

I want my mommy!


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