Saturday, May 03, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Now that I have told my ex, I can make the announcement here.

I am leaving Jamaica.

I have gotten a job overseas and I am going.

I leave in three weeks.

It was a tough discussion and it ended prematurely because he had to visit a track meet that his alma mater is participating in. He volunteers as team manager, so it really could not be avoided.

He is deeply saddened by my decision to leave (as expected) and it never had to come to this but it is what it is.

He made his decisions, passively or not and I just cannot be available anymore. I dont want to be friends anymore.

It's going to be downright hard sometimes, but life goes on.

It's just time to move the fuck along.


They always say you never know a good thing until it's gone. Maybe I really should have left years ago.


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