Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I like to post things that mean something to me... hence the songs and poems and other quotations from time to time.

Hush if you find it annoying and come to read something original all the time. Sometimes its good to appreciate other people's words.

Lyrical music ought to be more than arrangement, if you have words to say, they should mean something. I am a huge jazz and classical fan so instruments inspire, as the tell their own tales, but lawd mi tyad a di foo fool jing bang ting dem passing round as music and mekking big money offa. You buy an album and is only one good song deh pon it.

I am actually doing something I never do... just let my ipod play without preselecting playlists. Its taken me on a very inspirational musical journey- from Kurt Carr, to Yolanda Adams, to Donnie McClurkin to John Denver to the Beatles, to Mahalia Jackson.

I have acquired over 8000 songs in less than a year.

And still getting more.

Let the music play!


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