Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sex...casually speaking

I am almost positive I blogged on this topic before but I just feel the need to offload a bit on the topic just now cause annedda half eediat was just a nenge nenge (nagging mosquito sound) inna mi ears.

After embracing single life for three years, I must say that casual sex is severely overrated and only thrilling to those suffering from boredom in relationships and or those too hurt to let themselves get close to anyone.

I accept that women are now free to do as we wish. Hell, I am all for turning the "good girl vs bad girl" debate on its head, but as much as its great to bed whomever, whenever, wherever, however, I am having a lil issue with the "whomever" bit at this point in time.

Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to say I have been a saint, I never signed up for the convent and don't even believe in catholicism, but casual sex for me is totally unsustainable.

I have no desire to be anyone's booty call. I think there is a lil more going on for me than my rotund Caribbean derriere. There is nothing more shallow than the anti-climatic discovery that one of you has got to scram right after an orgasm. (Well, maybe listening to my lame as f%^*k boss drone on as he desperately tries to sound smart is just slightly more tortuous) . But why settle for booty only when there is a perfectly sharp brain to pick with quick wit to match? Not even to metion a soft, affectionate soul worth knowing and exploring (behind the glaring fangs and the claws). But seriously guys, a woman is much more than a booty, just as a man is much more than a stud.

I have reached a point of consciousness that makes me thoroughly disinterested in sex just for the sake of sex. If there cannot be stimulating conversation, intrigue and affection, I will do just fine on my own thank you.

So NO THANKS to all the booty inquiries. Mi nuh desperate. And no, a single woman isnt necessarily waiting for your goddammed lame ass to rescue her from sexless bouts of hysteria. There are tonnes of vibrating solutions available, in fact, you would be hardpressed to compete if shallow climaxes are all you have to offer.

I rest my case.



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