Sunday, August 08, 2010

My last TwentySomething Day

My Update in a Nutshell:

1. Less than 24hrs. Today is my LAST Day as a TwentySomething. I turn 30 at midnight. I have 12 more hours on my clock of being a 20somthing. I think I better turn on the music and shake my booty and dance with the broom!

2. Arabian Princess. Last night I pierced my nose. Always wanted to do it but put it off till I was 30 because I felt I wanted to do something "big" for my 30th! I have this huge medicated stud in there now but am having a tiny custom diamond stud made.

3. Teacher Teacher. Yesterday Saturday I accepted a job to teach Kinder 3. I will be a Kinder teacher for the next few months. I am happy that I made the decision because I think it will open me up to more experiences and my life will be enriched because of it. No point in staying home doing nothing while waiting to get a job in my field. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

4. Sweetie Come Brush Me. I have come off my Stevianna sweetener because I really don't know what is in it. I find that some products in this region really have iffy labeling. I know something has been stalling me and I have been using it for a few months. It is still better than the Agave and honey and sugar I used to consume, but I think I need to just eliminate it in order to see what is happening. I started using it because I heard it was the most natural sweetener but it isn't just stevia in the packets and I dont know what else is in there so I think I am better off with Splenda for now and even to reduce the amount of sweeteners I consume daily-period.

5. Non-dairy queen. I am going to cut down on my dairy and then cut it out for a while (after I have finished my sizeable stock of cheeses and cream). If dairy gives me sinus issues, it must be causing some inflammation which cannot be good for weight loss. I am really hesitant to give it up though, which is why it has taken me sooooooooo long. But I have no regrets. Yes I would have undoubtedly lost more weight if I had cut out dairy and sweeteners completely but I couldn't drop everything all at once and be successful with this nutritional approach for a LIFETIME. Sometimes you have to pace yourself and phase some things out. Otherwise, you could run the risk of just jumping off the wagon totally when you reach to goal because you did not reach there in a manner that was SUSTAINABLE!

6. Sweaty Mess. I will be ringing in my birthday exercising! I will be having a Sweaty Mess Party with ESC and then a protein shake to toast in a decade of health, fitness and self-actualization!


Anonymous said...

soy products taste very much like dairy stuff nowadays and they even melt, try it :-)

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