Monday, August 09, 2010

30 Candles

For my initial celebration, I worked out and drank a protein shake as planned. Have to credit ESC for pushing me to workout though because I was 'punking' out. I did Power 90 Fat Burning Express because Tony Horton was the first trainer that I worked out with via DVD and I still love most.

For the past few months, I have had the following stickies on our bathroom mirror:
"Best @ 30"
"Exercise is NON-negotiable"
"Look and feel your best"
"Love me more"

ESC says they are now all true. He says I am slimmer now than when I arrived a year ago and he is VERY proud of me not only for taking my health and fitness in hand, but also for challenging him to stay on the straight and narrow. Working out together is almost as important as praying and eating together on our bonding list. I am not at goal yet, but for the first time, I think I am closer than I ever was -even though I still have more to lose than any other time. Why? Because for the first time, I have a formula that is working for me: I have the support of a life partner who is also committed to pushing himself as well as me; a diet that works for me and that I can stick to for life and an online support group that makes me connected to a wider community of people improving themselves and others.

Because I have made such positive changes, I can be happy about reaching this milestone birthday. I am happy because I have spent a lot of time and hard work nurturing and protecting my happiness by attending to balance my mind, body and spirit. I have spent the time and energy re-defining who I am and how I see myself in the wake of a sea of change. I have tapped into my core and found a direct connection to my Source. I have given love with all my heart and received more than I can contain. I have less trappings, but more spritual wealth and peace of mind than any money could buy.

So, on this my thirtieth birthday, I can sit and look on my life and say with authenticity, "This is the life!"


Tamanna said...

Happy belated birthday! Sorry I didn't drop by earlier - joined a new place and it has been a little crazy.

Celia said...

Hope you had a fantastic day mi cuzzin, I didn't have email access at the time.

Big up, big up, congrats on the new job.

Z said...

Oh honey, I missed your birthday. I'm so sorry, hope you had a great one. Well done on the weight loss, and don't put it on again (I let things slip a bit in the spring, dammit).

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