Thursday, May 20, 2010

Housework will never done

I proving that to be true over and over again. Here how. I have been a little poly (sick) for the past few days, so I have been trying to do a little here and there to tidy our cosy little space called home. All now, I can't seem to make a big enough in the "To Do" list. Don't even ask me about ironing- that is for those ambitious ones of Bri (Desperate Housewives) constitution.

How on earth did my mother manage to wash. cook and clean house the same day? And mind you, she was hand-washing diapers stained by the mineral laden dirt of Red Hills.

I have a brand new level of respect for my mother and all the older women in my lives who really tried to prepare me for this day. No preparation could be good enough to reconcile with the fact that even though I have a VERY helpful man, he is hardly around, and no matter how you spin it, housework is "woman business."

Here's why.

When you go to the residence of a nice couple and moss growing in the bathroom and the kitchen... do you not feel sorry for the man that he is stuck with such an unkempt and slovenly woman? I not talking about a little mess here and there, I talking bout a kind of dirt that takes three days of concentrated chemicals and back breaking elbow grease to budge.

I have been fantasizing ever since I was a little girl that someone would invent buttons for all domestic chores (making beds, folding socks, dusting, dishes etc). After all this time, they have found ways to clone sheep, modify plant genes and fly to Mars yet I am about to turn a ripe 30 and all now, all now, not a soul not helping out? I tell you why. Men don't care to invent those things and most of us women are too busy doing domestics to be able to invent things that actually mean something to us.


Kathryn Grace said...

Was a time I would have cried reading this, but today, I commiserate, and then (abashed), I laugh. I keep thinking, if they'll just perfect that round robo vacuum cleaner and make it out of steel instead of flimsy plastic, I'll buy it and let it get all the kitty-hair dust bunnies. That would solve one of my perennial problems. Now if I could find the time to invent a bedmaker ...

Sheer Almshouse said...

Oh my..dust is evil... and beds... even with duvets and comforters are best made by trained housekeeping staff. But alas, I have to go put in a load of towels in the washer :)

Azikiwe said...

...i don't accept visitors ....;-)

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