Monday, October 27, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

Twenty years ago my Daddy bought me my first Purple BMX with purple tassles, purple wheels and a white basket with a strawberry sticker on the front. Twenty years later, I am the owner of a rather girlie adult mountain bike with argyle 2D graphics to boot. I bought myself a bicycle.

Having grown tired of feeling slugglish and unbalanced, I went and got me my newest obsession with the hopes of actually trimming my expanding waistline and thunder thighs.

Don’t worry about my self-deprecating humour. It really is just that. I have enough self esteem to bottle and sell.

But at least I can ride for 15 minutes daily with the hope of being able to ride for 1 hour before I leave and then the length of the 8 mile island.

Ride on King Jesus, no man can-a hinder me!


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