Monday, October 27, 2008

Missing the Easy Skanking Chef

I have two months and three days more to go. We are hoping that he will be able to arrive in time to ring in New Year's in Jamaica. He will only be there for one out of the three weeks that I will be there. Bummer!

If it weren't for Gilli P's wedding on Dec 20, I would just wait and reserve my leave to go to be with him in Dubai, but I wouldn't miss her wedding for the world!

Anyway, I hope to go next year. It seems that dates keep on getting pushed back. I have Taco's wedding in August in Puerto Rico, so I am going to have to postpone my South African trip until much later too, maybe as far as summer 10.

At least Easy Skanking Chef will have his way about us timing our trip for the World Cup.

It is maddeningly hard to have a cross atlantic long distance relationship because it is so far and so expensive for us to be together and we can only do so for short periods because we live in different hemispheres.

I so long to see him. And laugh and dance and cook and eat, and walk and talk with him face to face.

Living alone sucks almost as much as sleeping alone. And cohabitation is a verb whose time has come.


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