Monday, March 03, 2008

Coming to Come

"Coming to come" is a Jamaican term that means... things are coming around. And that's what they are.

I am broke, but I am happy, in a very surreal kind of way.

Trying to keep my life uncluttered with drama.

I realise that when a certain person is nowhere in my life, things just seem well... lighter and brighter..hmmm!

It's amazing what you hold on to. Sometimes there are things that you want that just aren't good for you!

Lesson learnt. Now dont go asking how many times I had to take the same damn lesson to learn it. Even smart people are prone to a likkle dumb dumb behaviour at times.

I am off to raid my mother's kitchen. It certainly pays to live 5 mins from my ma- well- when I am hungry and when I am sick!


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