Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tastee Patty Turnaround Time

I think I have knack for creating a calendar of love interests that rivals only Tastee patty batches.

Another flew over the doctor bird's nest.

I am getting tired of my love life.

I think I just need to buy a nice little fix-me-upper in the hills and get like five dogs of different breeds and a baby or two before my eggs get too old to be of use.

I want a family.

I'll get dogs, birds, fish, chickens, goats and babies, with a nice little subsistence farm and nice polite neighbours who will give me everything I cant manage to grow.

Since I clearly cannot count on men for lifetime companionship, I might as well focus on the things that have no choice but to rely on me for their existence or are at least guaranteed to stick around for 18 years minimum.


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