Saturday, December 04, 2010

The thee me wed

Sometimes marriage takes more out of me than I think I want to give.

Sometimes I feel as if my exit strategy wasn't so convoluted, I would have made my way out.

Sometimes I feel like I should expend as much energy on said strategy as on the marriage itself.

Sometimes self-preservation trumps procreation.


Z said...

Courage and fortitude, darling. Marriage is hard work, don't back away from it. If it's a bad marriage, then better to cut your losses, but if it's a bad patch, be patient and take any opportunity to put things right. Sometimes, we just need to wait and hang on.

37 years hasn't all been plain sailing, and it's not all luck that we're still here together. Extreme patience on his part and bloody-minded refusal to give in on mine, sometimes.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Thanks Z. I know this will pass. I just wanted to declare that there are these WTF moments. It will pass...

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