Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last lick

I leaving Jamaica in a few hours. Going to board one big jet plane with little more than a prayer for the next leg of the journey and a copy of "The Poisonwood Bible" to read. This always gets me ... when you have to pack up your entire life in two pieces of luggage not exceeding 50 pounds each, which parts do you take with you and which do you leave behind?

I am up at 3:00am packing. I waited till the 11th hour. I started at midday today. This is not regular packing. I was forced to unpack things I took from the Island Behind God's Back and repack for storage and a few things to take with me.

Being overweight on a transatlantic trip is no joke. I don't plan on being crucified accordingly. I think I have too many things already, but will just have to make space in NYC if needs be.

I am taking very little with me. No photo album, no wall-hanging, less than 10 pairs of shoes- all for a trip that is supposed to take me away from my home-base for roughly 12 months.

I have learned the hard way that there are precious few things that actually mean the world to me. Handmade bags and earrings by imelda, an old maternity dress cum nightgown that my mother wore for her pregnancy with me that the sat down and repaired and a crotchet tam made by her. Pashminas for feigned modesty, suits in the hopes of a new vibrant career, and music to take me through the motions.

Everything else is expendable. Especially when it comes at an additional charge of USD$175.

I have a few weeks of quiet contemplation in New York before heading to Dubai.

Nervous? If you cut, won't I bleed?


Kathy said...

Bwoy, Harry mek it real sah!! Yu gone :-( an wi neva get a real hangout. Anyway, dat is what google talk and di rest a dem is dere for.
Tek care. Miss you already.

Azikiwe said...

..All the very best to you K., seeing the person behind each word of this blog was fulfilling for me...;-)

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