Friday, August 31, 2007

A boyfriend for Sheer Almshouse

Well it turns out that I have gotten so close to a very good 'friend' that its time to add a three letter prefix.

Now you need to understand that I have been officially single for 4 years. Yes by choice of course, I kept on saying "no," for one reason or another. Turns out that not only could I not come up with an excuse to say "no" this time, but I really didn't want one.

We kind of stumbled into this relationship which seems rather ironic since he is a twenty plenty hour airplane ride away, with a stop in London.

Yes he is THAT far away- in country that blocks skype, text messages and even voicemail. Nevertheless, he has been home twice this year and we spend a lot of time together when he visited last.

I should be visiting sometime post September. I was hoping to visit him for his birthday (30th) in October but we will see). Failing that, there are talks of a vacation together next year in mainland Asia. I say India, he says Japan. We'll see.

This seems like the season for kindling flames that were too green to get started in the first place. My Friend of Frank has just gone official to Old Dawg Winer, who makes certain that she gets on a plane once every four weeks so that they can get their monthly fix of each other.


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