Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Feet Despise Me

I cannot leave work early today. This is not because I don't want to, but because I cant. I cannot walk.

After going on an elaborate shopping spree, and insisting on wearing new shoes only to my new job this week, I fear that my toes are in a bind in a bid to outdo each other for the Top Bunion & Carbuncle Awards.

I cannot see straight, much less walk straight. The shoes and the outfit are fab but what is a sexy pair of shoes on feet that have been sore from wearing new shoes everyday? Bloody murder!

I think I may actually now join the pantyhose posse cause God knows that toes were never meant for the kind of agony that now befall mine.

To make matters worse, I have been invited to a ball tomorrow by my boss and the entire department is going. I cannot even think about dancing in those fabulously fierce BCBG MaxAzria heeled sandals that somehow find a way of grabbing my sprained big toe right where it hurts.

All in the name of making a big impression for my first week. I hope nobody sees when I hippity hop around corners wincing in agony.

If there is one thing I HATE about the corporate world, its closed toed shoes. No one was meant to suffer in them all day!

Jesus, tek di case and gimme di pillow!


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