Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Schizophrenic Disorders

Have you ever what in the world could make people snap and turn up to work/school with heavy powered weapons and annihiliate their miserable coworkers/ classmates/teachers?

I mean not even I can fathom how on earth people who drive you to the brink of insanity daily could eventually drive you over the edge!

Its as though the barrel brings out the in the worst in crabs.

I mean, if one has to show up everyday with the most miserable countenance and doing nothing but curse and bite the hands that feed them, honestly, if you hate the place, stay home!

I find that much of the Jamaican workforce is too caught up in playing the brow-beaten roles instead of taking responsibility for their own destiny. It's as though passing on the blame that "dem poeople ya dis".."management dis," and "government dis," exonerates one from being a personal failure.

Its not your mother's fault that you are incompetent and stop blaming your father for your commitment issues! ITs not government's fault that you have no ambition and prefer to steal or beg rather than suffer the "indiginity" of working the low paid jobs that you have quallified for.

This country is full of people pointing fingers, laying the blame on someone else, from parliament, to industries, to big scandals..."it wasn't me." People, either shut the fuck up or grow up!


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