Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Finding the Artist Within

Sometimes I feel stifled by the straight jacket I feel I have put myself in. Creativity must always be nurtured and expressed, not restricted. How many artists wander up the corporate ladder only to wake up decades later to find themselves at the top of their game, but at odds with who they truly are?

The painters have been putting me off to paint my place for a week now, and I am getting increasingly frustrated. Didn't they get the memo? I DECORATING! So what if it took me all of two years to be frustrated into making my space more personal? I guess the nonsense preamble above was really about trying to find an excuse to dabble in some paint.

I never intended to have any artistic faux finishes, but with my own inability to be entirely clinical, I am sure the result will at least be "interesting."

It will be a continuous process. I am now working on the accessories. Am toying with the idea of displaying my own photographs and charcoal drawings. That would take additional work (printing of photos) and framing of both. But hey... I'll get to really have an exhibition...well.. of sorts.


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