Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chronological Disorder

I just got an email from a former coworker greatly discouraging the tendency to delay childbirth for too long.

"Senior citizens forget everything."

Well, I might as well be called that because I have as much memory as a diskette. That's why I have a palm.

I just need to remember to put everything in it and to walk with it. Oh, and to check it all the time.

As far as I see it, children are mucho fabuloso, but without being born to two loving married parents, it can be even hotter hell.

Its bad enough that you have to breast feed every two hours and change poo poo as often, but can you imagine if you had to go it all alone? Its too much of a darling experience for one person.

So, the donation of DNA soes not a child make. Lets not count the eggs before we even get chickens!

If I end up shrivelled and childless, worse things have happened to mankind.


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