Thursday, November 10, 2011

My battle of the bulge

I have been neglecting this blog- to my own detriment.  I miss this space, but I have been finding it difficult to find the words and the time to post here. But... alas, I am back.

I have a weight problem.

I have a sugar addiction.

I have regained 14.5lbs of the 20 lbs I lost.

I had been stable for a while then I took a baking class and as my cakes improved, my sugar intake did as well. I would eat nothing but cake all day for several cakes.

I know. I have been here over and over again and I am just tired. I feel like a stuck record. I spend the first months of every year losing weight and then my birthday rolls around in August and I slack off a bit and I fall totally off the wagon.

I am just stuck. In a rut.

I am now working in the food industry and that doesn't help.

But that is an excuse, not a condition.

I just need to get my act together. My health and my life depend on it.


Z said...

Oh, I so sympathise. I've regained a lot of my lost weight too. Some people seem to be able to eat cake, I can't! But even not eating cake isn't enough.

Z said...

Oh, and don't give up! You have still lost weight, don't undo all the good work xxx

Sheer Almshouse said...

Thanks for your consistent support Z. I am having faith that we will get there and stay there together!

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