Friday, September 29, 2006


People keep on complaining that I am not blogging enough these days... that's because i have to feel as though I have something worth writing about!

For example, tonight is Friday. I came home before night fell, undressed, showered, and had an apple while i chatted with an ex on messenger.

I know these are supposed to be prime dating years but whats' the point? I had the silly "let's get to know each other" conversations. In fact, I dont want to "get to know" any raas body! If mi nuh know u already.. my get juuuk still!

What I much prefer are lyming sessions. And there are plenty of those. My friends lyme during the week, mcuh less on a weekend. But since lyming is centred around alcohol and yours truly watching calories.. the safest bet is really my studio! I mean even the bottles of absolut and cranberry fail to be irresistible in the sultry ambiance of the fridge making too much noise and the fucking chinese glee club (sorry,I will try to be more neighbourly next time).

I may as well stay home... calories are hidden everywhere and I am now obssessed in keeping them at bay. After working out 6 days a week, I have every reason to be paranoid.

Inspite of everything, I'd rather wwork out like a lunatic and obssess about "good calories" than have taxi men call me "my size!" I have funny memories of my skinner driver calling this out to very fat women as he took me to and from school, and putting those words into a sentence describing me immediately puts a dreadful spin on what was then funny!



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