Saturday, February 21, 2009

Communicating through writing

It is a joy of magnanimous proportions for someone to visit my blog and say:

"Hi! Was curious to see who was actually following my blog so I got here. But now I'm just honoured! I love your blog, it's a fabulous read. You write really well. I can identify with this post so much. I'm exactly like you in this respect. In fact, I used to be painfully shy as a kid and people who know me now find that hard to believe. I do love my time with myself but I agree with you when you say "...I am too curious about life and people to be permanently withdrawn."


" 'Mostly to observe and maybe to partake, but still observing through participation.' - that could be me talking."

Eespeciallly when those two persons are writers of blogs that I myself like, and whom I have never met. The first person is the writer of the blog The Cloudclutter Chronicles, an Indian writer, based in Bombay (now Mumbai for the rest of the Non-Indian world). You need to see for yourself why I am such a fan of hers.

The second person is the UK Based author of blog Razor-Blade Life, who is amused by Jamaican expressions and idioms, and writes about her family life. I met her through another blog on which I made a comment, and she thought I was a "he" and the rest is lost in funny gender obscured history. I follow her blog too. She doenst even know that her Bolognaise and Carbonara post made me cook thin spaghetti with meatballs in a rich tomato sauce.

I also have to mention commentator Michelle Frost, Scotland-based writer of Crows Feet and brand spanking new author of First Light, who articulates so well, the struggle of being true to who you are. I follow both her personal blog and that dedicated to her new book. Michelle, I will read that book as soon as I can get it shipped to me on this Island Behind God's Back!

So I am meeting my fellow man (or woman) through blogsphere. Not a bad place for like minds to "link up." For so long this bog has been a secret shared only with close friends and family... it's good to share it now with others.

I hear that stats show that most blogs are wirtten by well-educated people who often have another source of income and happen to be men. I disagree. It could just be that I have always unknowingly had a thing for women writers (even though there is a space reserved for the Derek Walcotts and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's of the world). Women just feel more and write in a way in which you actively share that experience. So yes, I have been consumed by the profundity of good male writers, but they have never made me cry.

A woman's lot is a unique existence that only other women or their very feminine, sensitive and sometimes gay male friends can appreciate. As we say in Jamaica "Woman luck deh a dungle heap and fowl come pluck it out." It means that we have been given shit luck as women sometimes, just the remnants of things that men don't want, and on top of it, the chickens rummage through the garbage to take away what little we have been given.

That does not say that we are any lesser of the sexes, but that we have a unique burden to bear. Every woman can identify with this. The burden of nurture and nature...and sometimes, societies and families that impose one more than the other.

But we transcend cultural and parachial borders, the plural experience of womanhood. And as writers and lovers of the arts, we find common ground that dumb separatist people cannot identify with in their advanced stages of myopia.

So, thank you for coming. Thank you for sharing. My heart is full.


Z said...

Thank you for the mention! - and I've started reading Cloudcutter's blog too, on the strength of her comment.

I think you've made a good point about the way women write compared to men. I read about as many men's blogs as women's (at any rate, among British bloggers, I'd say women have the edge abroad) and I reckon that usually women are more open about themselves.

Gia Fernandes said...

Woah! Now I'm just plain embarassed. If only I had half the talent that you possess...
Anyway, it feels really nice to communicate this way. It's not often that you find someone (even if they are a million miles away) who you admire and can still connect with. I mean, I'm just in awe of you and yet I feel like we've had similar experiences and share the same thoughts on life. I also love the Jamaican quote about women's luck. It's just so profound even in its simplicity. Thank you for opening up this new and wonderful world for me!

Gia Fernandes said...

Hey Z! Hope you liked what you read :)

Sheer Almshouse said...

Deeply humbled by all above.

Yes, sisterhood is the best thing since the dishwasher. Here's to obliterating parochial borders! Cheers!

Azikiwe said...

...I already told you that there is a great work to be done at the JTB ...


Sheer Almshouse said...


You are my longest running supporter and cheer leader. Twelve years and running! And not even fettered by distance!

Boundless love and thanks to you!

Azikiwe said...

...awww ;") Thnax darling..continue to connect,,Don't watch nutten',yu mus FREE ! ;-)

Michelle said...

I only found this today. I've been kind of sitting in the dirt with the chickens lately - health woes, stress and just life getting me down. THen I find you talking about women and writing and my book/blog and... life feels better again.

Very true, what you said about women writers.

I'm getting a properly edited version of my book to the printers. If you ever find a way to order it, I hope it's later this year as I want you reading the best edited version. :-)

Sheer Almshouse said...


All the very best wishes for better health and a trailer load of blessings.

I am happy you are editing the book again- I know it bothered you. I will tell you when I am heading your way when I get my new edition so I can have mine personally autographed! women writers, we are in this together.

Michelle said...

The new version is in to the printers. Hopefully I'll hear soon when it'll be out for sale. :-)

Hope you're keeping well and life is good.

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