Sunday, November 21, 2010

The amalgamation of the schizo genii within

"Common Ground" (C) 2009. All Rights Reserved

The photo was taken of my feet as well as one of my cousin's. We have a lot in common, my cousins. You will know yourselves, those of whom this post is also dedicated to. Here's to inspiration.

I feel like many different brands operating under one holding company, many of whom are never really credited. I never post my best photography work here because of how easy it is to steal from blogs. Usually, I post them to more secure sites and just point people to them, but sometimes, I simply want to share what I consider to be my best work with you.

I am not one thing OR another. I am many. The same person, but with many modes of expression. An only child learns to plant fields of dreams within. I had nine years of solo practice. So yes, I write, I photograph, I produce and I broadcast. I even draw with charcoal on occasion. My art is my way of sharing my harvest. If you have excess and do, not share, it will fester and spoil. Expression for me is as important as breathing. As much as I take in, I have to let out. The different media help me to continue the conversation where one medium has left off. I just had a seven month photography hiatus, during which I wrote and meditated. Now I am longing to use my photography to capture the growth I made during that period.

Life, like art, is not linear. Sometimes we go back so that we can go forward. And sometimes, we simple stand still just so we can see ourselves and really see each other.

I am a plural, purposed and multi-functional individual who is merely trying to make peace within.

There seems no way to continue being psuedo anonymous and just let myself go freely... you know just take off the restrictions and let the art do its work.

I am simply an artist who wants to come out of her own closet.

But alas, until I sign a film/book deal, maybe it is better to leave some secrets right where they are.

All I want for Christmas...

I don't want a lot for Christmas
There one thing I know is true
I don't care for silly gifts
And dont want you to waste your money too
So I think I will make it easy
As as easy as cheese for you
All I want for Christmas is....
Epson photo printer and a blackberry, that's who!

(adapted from Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You")

Monday, November 15, 2010

"I feel like dancing. Dance 'cause we are free..."

Taken the day after our wedding, one year and one month ago today. Photo credits: Easy Skanking Chef

Schools kills creativity

As a creative mind, I often write about and share other people's ideas on creativity. Here is another worth sharing.

"Education dislocates people from their natural talents." -Sir Ken Robinson.
"What we need is not evolution, butt revolution in education." -Sir Ken

Sir Ken's original 2006 talk...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is work?

Work is love made visible. (Gibran)

Work is doing what makes you happy and making a living from it.

Work is doing that which is second nature.

The balm of Gilead

There are times when I look on the body of my work and feel completely incompetent. I see my gifts as falling short of those blessed with sheer genius. I am mediocre. That horrible word synonymous with purgatory. Halfway between heaven and the pits of hell.

I chose practical work because I was attracted to working with something that is visible. Bottom lines and profits don't appeal to me as much as pictures- moving and still- and words that touch the untouchable.

But now, I sit, looking at my mediocre work and wonder whether I was ever really good enough or just full of ambition and naive enthusiasm.

I feel like Matthew, sinking slowly. I feel like I COULD walk on water, but yet have failed to. It seems to prevent drowning, I need to fully let go and give myself over. But how can I do that when I cannot swim?

I spent so many years snuffing out my own voice that I cannot seem to connect with my own truth anymore.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Let's get physical!

As of today, I will resume moving my body. My body misses it's strength and flexibility. ESC and I are starting with a walk out in the park because the winter weather is coming in and he is still recovering from surgery.

By next week, we are cleaning up our diets and I am going to add my workout routines to the mix.
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