Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hangin with the ex and his gf of 5 years...of sorts

It's weird.

We have been in the same space all afternoon. Totally weird.


I guess I am a grown up now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The game plan

I tell you... I have to say that I am slightly comforted with the game plan. It occurred to me that maybe if I stuck it out and just kept at it, one day I will earn very good dividends.

Confidence: Belief in one's abilities to deliver on things even imagined

I know what I want... and Imelda #2 is right... I know how to get it. That even applies if I only want to get it so I can throw it away.

As it was written.

The first cut

In spite of all the crap I have been faced with this week, month, past few months, I am determined to rise above all of it.

I am not sure I have a template per se but I have to figure my way out of this maze. God didn't bring me here for such a mediocre existence. He knows my needs and my desires and I am going to trust him to lead me with his guiding light.

I have been through pain in my shorty twentysomething life that I never knew I could get over... and here I am, scarred but alive. Some wounds are taking longer than others to heal. But its the first cut that really runs the deepest.

Job Period

The saying goes that "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I guess my strength is testimony as to why I am alive.

They stole my laptop on Sunday. Yes the &*()))^ took my mac! I am past anger.

Relationship is also on hold... of sorts. Well, the truth is that it would take a miracle of the the proportions of a Lazarus to revive it.

I am playing with fire in places I swore I would never return... and yes... I got burnt yet again.

Business is slow.

Sigh.... but what doesn't kill you makes it stronger... right?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hanging in the Afflicted Yard

Guess who mi buck up today seeking refuge in a wireless uppity wired cafe?? Nuh the Afflicted Bastard!

Years have gone by and tempers have become mellow, no calling any police or duppy truck.

Still inspiring doh.

Age is a helluva ting.

Finally Online

Ok... so moving has turned out to be a nightmare. I dont have internet service and it sucks rotten eggs. I feel like a freaking fish out of water.

I tried mobile publishling from my crackberry but that sucked even more. Maybe there is something I am not doing right- I never considered myself an "edgy" whiz.

More on the "edgy" bit later.

Its nice to be back...even temporarily.
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