Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dressing rules for my unborn daughter

Whatever you do, mi child, please don't siddung (sit) and make your husband (legal or common law) look better than you. Is not a good ting. Don't get me wrong, me not talking bout weight, me talking bout how you feel bout yusself and how it reflects in how you put yusself together and how you carry that same self around.

Just yesterday, I was perusing the Jamaican papers and a business man who I used to see out solo very regularly at after work limes (schmoozing/drinks) was photographed with his dearly beloved. It was the first time me see she and trust me, I not being bitchy, I was sorry for her. I have always thought he was always well put together and I thought he must have some fancy wife (he wore his ring proudly) and didn't pick up women to my knowledge. Mi dear, her hair was frazzled, makeup non existent and her frock, frumpy while Mr. Man was looking like he was vying for the cover of GQ. Not good.

If Mrs. Dearly Beloved had pinned up her hair in a chignon (be wise, the function was at the beach) and played up her eye makeup, and worn a a dress that flattered her voluptuous curves, then I would have been happy for her, but with frizzy hair, et al, all I felt was empathy.

When you are not feeling your best, that is when you must look you most endeavourmostbest. Looking good makes you feel good, and feeling good makes you look good. Fake it till you make it or stay home.

ESC knows that even if we are just heading for the supermarket and I get out of the shower 15 mins before him, he will get dressed and turn on the TV until I shout out "Ready" 15 mins hence. I love to dress up. I love colours. He is happy to walk beside me because I "bring him off." I dress up, fat, skinny or slim. Why? It's not your weight that makes you sexy, but how you feel about yourself. You can get a hint of that innate sexiness based on how much care has been put into the appearance. Don't get me wrong, frills and face paint are not directly proportional to self esteem, it's how complementary the look is that counts.

"Married with children" doesn't have to be an unflattering mommy dress code and a voluptuous body does not have to be draped in eternal frumpiness. Find your style and rock it, no matter how your body looks. Whatever you do, don't wear everything you own at once. We save that for christmas trees.


Francia M said...

I was thinking the same thing. It is so so important! No matter what beautiful.

Ride & Whistle said...

Here Here Kari! Loved that comment about the christmas trees. So thompsonesque!

Sheer Almshouse said...

@ Mama: It is key! What else would we be teaching our daughters? And how would son appreciate the real essence of womanhood (and not just media images of "perfection")

@ Ride & Whistle.. come to think of it.. you are spot on!

Unknown said...

Well said :) I've read a few of you post starting with today's and going backwards. I like what you have to say. It's inspirational to women, of all shapes and sizes. Thanks you. I will visit again soon.

Sheer Almshouse said...

Luna, thanks much for coming and thank you for commenting. I cherish this as my most authentic space... where I write from my heart. I believe in sisterhood. I also believe that we have a lot to share because our experiences span culture, colour, class, education, and every other category that we often use to separate ourselves from another.

Anonymous said...

since when do you have to makeup to look 'kept'?

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