Monday, May 14, 2012

What a difference a decade makes

I was an innocent and beautiful dreamer at 16 in the political 60s.

Fell madly in love in my 20s in the hedonistic 70s.

Turned 30 and reminisced on love lost with the love ballads of the 80s.

Was too hung up on my past and fearful of a solo future to make babies in my 40s while I still had a chance in the 90s.

Found out that my mother was right about everything in my 50s when it is all too late in the new millennia.

Finally came to terms that it all was as it should have been in my 60s, ten years into the new millennia. Back to the 10s. It's like starting over

Fell in love in my 70s the same way I did in my 20s. Life truly begins in the new roaring 20s.

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