Thursday, December 28, 2006

Time to GO

There comes a time when being stationary is just not an option.

This job is a fast train going absolutely nowhere.

I have simply had it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Talkin Blues

by Bob Marley

Yeah! Oh, yeah! Now!
Cold ground was my bed last night (bed last night)
And rock was my pillow, too; (doo-oo-oo-oo-oo!)
Cold ground was my bed last night (bed last night)
And rock was my pillow, too. Yeah!
I'm saying: talkin' blues (talkin' blues),
talkin' blues (talkin' blues);
They say your feet is just too big for your shoes. (shoe-oo-oo-oo-oo)
Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), talkin' blues (talkin' blues):
Your feet is just too big for your shoes. (shoe-oo-oo-oo-oo)

Yeah, I've been down on the rock for so long, (so long)
I seem to wear a permanent screw; (screw-oo-oo-oo-oo)
I've been down on the rock for so long, (so long)
I seem to wear a permanent screw. (screw-oo-oo-oo-oo)
But-a I - I'm gonna stare in the sun,
Let the rays shine in my eyes.
I - I'm a gonna take a just-a one step more
'Cause I feel like bombin' a church -
Now - now that you know that the preacher is lyin'.
So who's gonna stay at home
When - when the freedom fighters are fighting?

Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), talkin' blues (talkin' blues):
They say your feet is just too big for your shoes, woe-oh-oh-oh!
Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), keep on talkin' blues (talkin' blues);
They say - you hear what they say -
Didn't you hear?

Cold ground was my bed (bed last night),
Rockstone - rockstone - rockstone was my pillow;
Cold ground was my bed last night (bed last night),
And rock was my pillow, too.

Sayin': (talkin' blues, talkin' blues):
I seem to wear a permanent screw - permanent screw.
Talkin' blues (talkin' blues), talkin' blues (talkin' blues):
Feet is just too big for your shoes. (shoe-oo-oo-oo-oo)

Screw Silver Linings!!!

I am in one of those moments when you just feel like bawling your eyes out. I just feel like wailing for all the things that arent yet right in my life and those that have gone irrevocably bad.


I am supposed to be counting my blessings- one-by-one, but I am tired of always focusing on the silver lining. Sometimes its OK to realise that that there is an effing big dark cloud looming over your head!

I hate getting all high and dizzy when things are going good cuz the crash is hard and hot as hell that follows.

Blasted New Beta Blogger

I couldn't sign in and it seems I missed an entire lifetime of possibly great posts.

Like the sushi restaurant chef who felt sorry for me because I turned up at his bar 3 Saturdays in a row, alone. Dude gives me a plate of smoked salmon sashimi with flying fish roe on the house because he feels I must be some sort or lonely freak to be the only woman dining alone.

I am not certain if my chest is simply high set or what, but I like and can appreciate nice things. Jamming with Miss Cherry at Faith's Pen is great on occassion but so is a good glass of wine in an upscale bar and de riguers of fine dining.

Maybe that is my problem- my versality and diversity. Most people are content with fitting a mould while I thrive outside the box. I am the bastard child of a dichotomy, no one said it would be easy.

Another One Bites The Dust!

OK so the year closes with yet another failed relationship. Its a good thing that my parents decided to give me siblings close to a decade after my birth, or else they would never have any hope of grandchildren.

I cant help it if I know what I want and refuse to settle.

I know that perfection is not attainable but I must at least chose something that is sustainable.

So this year, I dated a gentleman of rare breeding and a "Mr.Pussy" a la Sex and the City. Makes for great poetry.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One Year In Hell

It's official.

Today makes one year since I have been in the same job. I mean the same 9-5, one client only, office politics all the way to Mount Everest, is it Friday yet, job!

The thing is that it has by FAR been the most difficult appointment of my life. I mean there wasnt even so much politics when I worked for the government.

Anyway, its kinda scary. It means I am settling down and growing up all at once and I am not entirely convinced that is such a good thing. I am making more practical decisions, being less rash, less spontaneous, and it seems that in some ways, I am stifling the carefree spirit that I have come to know as me.

I am changing right before my own eyes (still refuse to wear pantyhose though).

Can somebody hand me a camera, a pair of dirty sneakers, some torn up jeans and a car? I need to bust loose from this corporate captivity!

Monday, December 04, 2006

My Brother, The Stripper

Consider this payback for a lifetime of teenage pranks practiced on me...but my brother, who parades as an executive in the Caribbean's largest mobile phone company, is an undercover stripper.

He does shows twice yearly to aging fat women who pay him hundreds (USD) just to see a young man butt nekkid. You see these poor women are so desperate that they have to resort to paid duties to get their groove on. Rumour has it that he doles out twice as much free credit to encourage attendance.

I hear the costume consists of an assortment of sequined thongs with matching bow ties and the routine begins with him prancing around a pole to Rod Stewart's "If You Think I am Sexy."

Here's a close up of him... go figure

A fat aging woman and her money are soon parted! Ladies, BEWARE!

Tropical Displacement

Have you ever watched the epic period pieces based in the time of slavery in the tropics and wondered how the hell they wore so much clothes in the sweltering heat? Or why the stupid royal guards wore tights and wigs in a climate fit for semi nudity?

Well fast forward to present day corporate Jamaica, and I have to ask why the hell is it that we allow the practices of people who live in colder climes to affect what we consider "appropriate attire" for work?

How the hell does a lined business suit compute to 90 degree sweltering heat?

And how the hell does the concept of pantyhose survive unless there is a burgeoning desire to create the perfect conditions for the growth of yeast in the nether-regions. Yes... its gross...just tell it to those people who make those rules at countless offices across the island.

As far as I am concerned, breatheable fabric (linen and cotton) should be the mainstay of everyone's wardrobe, the suits saved for weddings and funerals during our Caribbean version of winter (which in essence is two months of mild cold fronts moving in and out of the area).

By far the most ludicrous is that one cannot wear their hair in braids, locks, or cane/corn rows. (North America plant corn, we plant cane). I mean where have we descended to when one has to seek permission to wear her hair a certain way or worse yet, to have it ruled out, by way of written company policy?

As far as I am concerned, there is no greater injustice that the prevalence of rows and rows of long weaves of fake hair on the heads of women who have come to believe that what they got aint beautiful enough. A word to the wise, work with what you've got... uniqueness is a grand thing!

Di whole a we cyaan be coolie!

Full Circle

Is there a law that says that all things come back to the point at which they started?

Its weird how life is.

Its funny how things are... the people you never gave a second look are those you end up with, the friends you thought true turn out to be your enemies, and the people you loved dont love you quite as much and vice versa.

Black and white demarkations are now grey.

The sins you thought unforgivable are petty grievances, the people you thought you could do without, are now pillars (think post pubescent independence from the clutches of the parents).

But things come full circle because all the wise musings of my dear Ma have turned out to be true:

"Its not who you love, but who love you"
"It's not who you know, but who know you."
"Don't burn your bridges behind you."
"You have to kiss ass before you can kick ass."
"Love them that hate you and do good to them that despise you."
"Chicken merry, hawk deh near"
"Deaf ears give liad trouble"
"Bush have eye and wall have ears"
"Cockroach nuh business inna fowl fight"
"Sometime yuh right hand nuffi know what you left hand doing"
"Every hoe have him stick a bush"
"When monkey want to wear trousers, him must know where to put him tail"
"You fi know how water travel go pumpkin belly"

and perhaps the most simple but profound:

"Blood thicker than water"

It makes no sense to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough problems of its own. Life somehow takes care of itself. Wounds heal, people grow, people change. Everyday is precious. We are part of a continuum... once we are here, we will always be here... at least in the hearts of those we leave behind.
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