Monday, February 09, 2009

NYU Film School

I need to do a lil something...spice up a bit...So I am going to darken my bleached locks by month end. I am too broke to do anything before then anyway.

I just watched Mira Nair's "Monsoon Wedding" again, twice. I watched the feature than watched it again while I listened to Mira's commentary. I am the only person I know who is just as interested in the Director's commentary as the film itself.

I have always known there is at least a documentary and a feature film in me. My, my life can never be boring! I have so many dreams to turn into realities.

That is why I am giving myself a head start. Lots to do with only God knows how much time I have left.

I have always wanted to go to NYU Film School.. but cannot afford and I look on people like Quentin Tarrantino and think 'fuck film school!' I would have gone, but I didnt have the resources to spend 40,000 USD per annum for a 3-year full time MFA. That cost does not inclue accommodation, books and food either.

So I will learn as Quentin did, watching those I like and paying attention to those who inspire. My photography is just a part of the very connected whole.

Long before I got into show business, I longed to be a Directory of Photograpy for feature films. When others would watch out for ox office hits, I would watch out for the mastery of the frame and all things in it. Then I discovered the art of making moving images and eventually shifted to directing. But even in moving pictures, it all begins with a frame...get 30per second and you are moving!

I want to get me some meaningful movies, I have some of the classics. I am beginning to develop an appreciation for things many people my age consider archaic (well... I was always that way). But I am actually now interested in Western classics and foreign films and good indie features.

I also need to get some documentary features.

So too am I interested in reading things that make my spirit and creativity soar.

I may not be able to be an NYU alum, but this gal has a helluva lot of stories to tell. But you know the singularly most beautiful and uplifting thing about it? At 28 years old, I have finally found my voice!


Anonymous said...

I say start filming from now. No time like the present. Just accept that you are where you are supposed to be right now - use that. Film that.

BTW, T&C have some beautiful beaches - I love that blue.

I'd love it even more on film...;)

K (Atl)

Azikiwe said...

Anonymous is right !,but whether its film or DV - CONTENT is king ! For now ,whatever comes to mind for subject matter ,WRITE it down ! Between now & the time you reach film school (keeping positve) you have loads of stories to tell and probably have a portfolio already. Look at the masters ,old & new HITCHCOCK,SPIKE LEE,OLIVER STONE, SPIELBERG, TARANTINO etc... look at the extraordinary techniques they did that promoted the genre expressed and ...WRITE that down too !

Sheer Almshouse said...

Well... the first chapter begins with photography. I need to meditate through a lens.

I am amazed however at how much all the fine arts are connected and how one form flows into another.

It's as though there is a blessing of expression which flows through many media out of one soul.

It's all the same to me: writing, photography, moving picture. And I will do them all.

Azikiwe said... know ,i think on another level you understand the "stuff" that most artists have a hard time explaining to trivial earth people .

Cool ! (you may have had good quality cannabis in days gone by ;-)

Sheer Almshouse said...


The best thing that I ever did was keeping a diary from I was 13.

It progressed from who what where when ... to why.

Why is the beginning of the creative journey. It is the point at which we begin to not only report, but question. And in questioning, we become more observant. And in observing, we may tap into what really is, on and beneath the surface.

My expression has only evolved because I have been painstakingly honest with myself... and spent many many moments really knowing me.

Azikiwe said...

ahhh..such is the magic of metaphysical deconstruction...wonderful butterfly, wonderful ;-)

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