Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The morning before the wedding

ESC is playing me love songs. His good underwear are washing. The one that holds my stomach in a little is drying. My overnight bag is almost fully packed. Two more guests have confirmed bringing the total numbers to 7. Seven is a good number.

We were up until 7 am. He came in at 4. We video chatted with Imelda and ran everything by her until we got her "in-charge" approval. Even practiced the kiss that is meant to preserve lipstick and not have him walking around looking like a pansy.

We held each other closer than ever before. We talked. He massaged me and moisturized my AC depleted dry skin. He massaged my feet. Both of us thought of that first foot massage four years and and where it has taken us. We kissed. We knew we made the right choice. We let go everything we had been holding back. We finally, completely really tuned in.

I am wearing a panty that says "Soon to be Mrs" on the back. Tomorrow this time, I will be wearing a much less conservative one that says "Bride" on the front.

He is gone to get us drinking water and a surprise for me. He hasn't been able to withhold surprises before. Just this one.

I am going to take a bath with Imelda's homemade kosher lemon grass soap. And wash mi foot in the tub (chisel down with pumice). He will massage me with olive oil to further moisturize my skin.

I will never forget this morning. We should have taken a picture. Just for us. Now, when everything is just- perfect.

P.S. Yesterday...

The florist at his hotel kept on smiling at him yesterday. Florists are privy to everybody's secrets. Well perhaps only those who say it with flowers. This is his second purchase their. Both have been for me.


Azikiwe said...

...i forget how long i married but i know my girl since 1993, and hardly remember any romance between us that was this thick ...WoW !

Z said...

Very best wishes for all the happiness in the world. Love can last forever and I am sure yours will.

Z (married 36 years and counting...) xx

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