Monday, October 12, 2009

Ten years ago in photographs

"From Whence Cometh My Help"

"University Student"



"1000 Words"

Photography by Peter Dean Rickards.

PS... The wonders of youth. I was 19 and fabulous. Just how much, I didn't know. Never mind that though. I know now.


Gia Fernandes said...

Hey, don't you mean you were 19?

You're right, you were fabulous and still are. Glad you know that. Beautiful pix, who took them?

Sheer Almshouse said...

Thanks for the correction... (will adjust).

I also know better than to not give credit to a photographer for his work.

Peter Dean Rickards
I was his girlfriend and his muse.

Gia Fernandes said...

You know, the pix are so good that I was sure you had taken them yourself. Then I thought...maybe 10 years back there weren't such good cameras with timers etc.... so I asked :-)

And what a beautiful muse you were sweetie! I've never been anyone's muse... except maybe someone who practises voodoo or black magic or something. LOL!

Hey, just 2 days to go for D-Day! Good luck and am waiting with bated breath for all the juicy details and pix. How long will you be away?

Sheer Almshouse said...

Damn... that was my 600th post! I never even realised I was just posting so much. Close to half of them have been posted this year alone and the rest since 2006.

We aren't "going" on a honeymoon.. we are "staying" on a honeymoon of sorts. It means that we will be likely back in and I will be on the computer blogging and chatting and doing video chats while he tries to lure me into bed to consumate the marriage :)

Re: the muse bit... it was a relationship made in photographic and artistic heaven but was hell on earth at the same time. Served it's purpose. If all I got were these low res shots of an era filled with complexity and symbolism... I got plenty.

I had the technical expertise and he was just raw, fresh talent. He kept on shooting and I stopped so he is much better than me nowadays... but maybe we just see things differently. That was always the case.

Back to the weddingy bits... we have plans for three photo-based videos so I think we will be spending our honeymoon making vids, eating, watching DVDs, doing touristy things, and of course trying our darndest to break the bed down :)

Azikiwe said...

....well I just can't get over the "university student" ;-)

Afflicted said...

hahaha...hell on earth eeee? thats why u marry chef!!!!

Taxi man nuh stop laugh affa mi and ask mi if me nuh have no ooman weh can cook fi mi!

Congrats very happy for you...and ur belly!

Sheer Almshouse said...

Lawks have mercy.. Peter Dean him own self!

You know that everyting criss and curry with me an you man! Aren't you the king of sarcasm? Heeehee.

Waiting for your turn next...

And BTW, you DID promise to shoot for my Jamaican Wedding!!!

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